Blocks Up To 95% Of UltraViolets And 67%-95% Of Infrared Rays

Nano-Thermic integrates the best nanotechnological solution in a fine layer, allowing an important reduction of the outside temperatures’ impact on your interior comfort.

Optimises The Energy Coefficient Of Existing Windows Without Replacing them

The cost of this transformation is less than 20% of the cost of changing your windows. The price is lower than imported thermic solutions.

Significantly Reducues The Penetration Of Solar Heat In The Building

Reflects 67% to 95% of Infrared rays, generating a high thermal insulation.

Reduces The Discoloration

Blocks 95% of UV rays, protecting your health and discoloration of anything in contact with sunlight. Our membrane will increase considerably the life of your goods.

Reduces Up To 40% The Energy Consumption

Its thermic insulation properties are superior to other similar interior products. It allows reducing significantly the energy consumption of your heating and air conditioning bringing you 20% to 40% in energy savings.



10th anniversary SPECIAL:


Experience the «POLARISED» Effect

The NANO-THERMIC Membrane by Ecolo Synergy filters ultraviolet rays while retaining the interior luminosity. Furthermore, see your exterior colors enhanced like never before!




Cutting and Shipping


Concordia’s University Testimonial

Ecolosynergy Inc. has worked hard to effectively meet our needs. We have been dealing with this company for 6 years and they have always met our needs. […] We sincerely believe that Ecolosynergy will be able to adequately and efficiently accomplish the tasks and provide the required work, and for all these reasons we strongly recommend it.


For 10 years, Ecolo Synergy has given itself the mission to surpass the competition by adopting an exceptional service! For this reason, all membranes will be precut for an easy installation!

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