Nano-Thermic  Protection

Protection Ultraviolet rays and Infrared rays

Blocks up to 95% of the Ultraviolet and 67 to 95% of the Infrared rays. Allows reducing the discoloration of materials, tissues, furniture, etc.

Very little reduction of natural lighting penetration

Blocks only 12% of the light, reducing the reflection on screens and glare.

Important reduction of energy loss in heating and air conditioning

Windows represent a great loss of energy in heating and air conditioning. Nano-Thermic allows reducting this loss by reflecting heat in the inside during winter and on the outside during summer.

By reducing this important energy loss, Nano-Thermic allows to increase energy saving and comfort inside.

These energy savings mean that you will save money on your electricity bills.

Increases life expectancy of windows

By optimising the energy coefficient of your windows, Nano-Thermic eliminates the need to replace your windows if your frames are still in good condition.

Guarantee and hassle-free instalation

Ecolosynergy offers 10 years guarantee on Nano-Thermic*

Our professional team is quick and efficient.

*Certain conditions apply

Nano-Thermic Advantages

Energy Savings

Its thermic insulation properties are superior to other similar interior products. It allows reducing significantly the energy consumption of your heating and air conditioning bringing you 20% to 40% in energy savings.

High thermic insulation

Reflects 67% to 95% of Infrared rays, generating a high thermal insulation.

Protection against Ultraviolet

Blocks 95% of UV rays, protecting your health and discoloration of anything in contact with sunlight. Our membrane will increase considerably the life of your goods.

Protection of the environment

Our water-based product, adopting advanced nanotechnology, answers perfectly to the international environmental requirements. It can be applied in all constructions and existing buildings; Allowing important energy savings without having to change your windows, easy installation and close to no waste. It is truly an ecological high-tech product owning its place in an authentic sustainable development.

More economical

The cost of this transformation is less than 20% of the cost of changing your windows. The price is lower than imported thermic solutions. It can be installed directly on an existing structure without changing anything.

Efficient installation

Quick installation without worries; Nano-Thermic can be directly applied on your windows. It is a leader in this industry.

100% Tested In Canada
Superior Performance
Odorless Application

1776, boulevard des Laurentides
Laval (Quebec) H7M 2P6
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100% Tested in Canada

 1776, boulevard des Laurentides

Laval (Québec) H7M 2P6

Superior Performance


Telephone : 514-979-3528

Email :

Odorless Application 

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