Frequently Asked Questions

How it works

Why is the product effecient ?
Nano-Thermic reflects Ultraviolet (UV) that deteriorates materials. It also reflects Infrared rays (IR) reducing the energy loss from the windows.
How long is the product effective?
Ecolo Synergy guarantees the efficiency of its products for 10 years. In business since 2010, we can guarantee that our installations are still as effective 10 years later.


Will my window have a tint?
Our product will have a subtle blue tint. It will make the grass look greener and the sky bluer.
Will the product reduce interior lighting?
Only by 12%, which is the best results on the market. You will barely notice it.
Will you product reduce eyestrain?
Of course! Our membrane works like lightly tinted polarized glasses.
Why choosing your product instead of other similar products?
We are more efficient, we block less natural light, we do not use any toxic products and we help you save energy 12 months a year.

Common questions

I heard that your product could reduce the discoloration of my furniture.
Indeed, our product reflects 95% of the UV rays which is the cause of discoloration.
I have new windows. Is your product worth it for me?
Whether you have a simple. double or even triple thermo glass thermos, our product will increase the energy efficiency of your windows.

Please contact a representative to learn more.

It is always cold in winter and hot in summer inside. Is your product good for me?
Our representative will be able to analyse the situation. Our product will be able to help, but will not be able to compensate for a general deficient insulation. In most cases, our product will be able to bring you one of the best quality/price solutions.
My air conditioning is working 24h a day. Will your product be able to help in my situation?
Our product will certainly be able to reduce the need for air conditioning and increase your comfort.
I have a solarium and it is impossible to take advantage of it during summer. Can your product help?
We have helped many clients to fully enjoy their solarium.

Please contact a representative for more information.

I have single-pane windows and I hesitate between changing them or installing your product.
Installing our product on a single-pane glass makes it as efficient as a triple-pane or twice as efficient as a double-pane thermos.
My windows are always fogged, can your product help?
In certain cases, our product is effective. It depends on the source of the problem.  The main reason is the humidity level inside, so we cannot guarantee the product will help for sure.

After sales

How to maintain my windows with Nano-Thermic?
You can wash them normally as long as you use product without ammonia, alcohol nor vinegar (ex: Windex) and you may use a soft or microfiber cloth. 
How long will my return in investment be?
Between 2 to 4 years in most cases.
Is your product as resistant to scratches as a window without it?
No, it is important to not put any object that could scratch the window.
What are your guarantees?
We guarantee our product for 10 years, based on accelerated aging test for 10 years done by Architectural Testing Laboratory and our results with our clients. In all these years, we never had longevity problems.


Will there be any odor?
Our product is odorless and certified Low-VOC. You do not have to worry about anything.
The product is installed inside or outside?
We install our product on the inside.
I would like to install the product myself. Can I only order the product?
We can accommodate your needs. Please contact us for more information.
I have big windows. Can you still install your product?
We have a variable of our product for larger windows; we will be able to install it without any worries.

100% Tested In Canada
Superior Performance
Odorless Application

1776, boulevard des Laurentides
Laval (Quebec) H7M 2P6
Telephone : 514-979-3528
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100% Tested in Canada

 1776, boulevard des Laurentides

Laval (Québec) H7M 2P6

Superior Performance


Telephone : 514-979-3528

Email :

Odorless Application 

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